My First Site Using Bootstrap

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In my web development course, I used bootstrap to make a mock Tuk-Tuk business site. I had never used Bootstrap before, despite hearing about it before. When I first started developing the site, it was a bit difficult. Like trying to learn anything new or different, it isn’t easy to begin but once you get used to it, it sticks with you. When I was having challenges, I consulted the bootstrap documentation which is very nicely laid out.

Also, in the beginning, the bootstrap elements were not loading despite being coded in the HTML. I initially thought I had coded the elements incorrectly. I probably spent 30 minutes changing the way I coded these elements, but the site was still not working. But then I tried changing the link to use a different host for the CSS stylesheet for the bootstrap, then the bootstrap elements were working perfectly. So just host bootstrap on your own server to ensure you aren’t relying on someone else’s server, which may go down with no warning!

You can view a demo of my first bootstrap site here.

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